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  • review rating 5  I would highly recommend this Heath & Wellness Center to anyone I know! Sarah Stock has amazing methods and I always leave there feeling 100% better! She goes above and beyond to make sure you are comfortable and is never afraid to share the little secrets and exercises you can do to feel better.

    thumb Dayne Thompson

    review rating 5  I originally booked an appointment with Dr. Sarah as a last resort after trying everything to get rid of the headaches I experienced almost every day... I have had headaches at the back of my head for the last 4-5 years for no reason.... My physician thought that my headaches were related to menopause and that they would go away once I was done with "that". I tried prescription medication, massage, yoga, drinking more water, wearing a bite plate at night and nothing helped. I was always skeptical of chiropractors but Dr. Sarah was so welcoming and professional that I felt at ease with her right away. She immediately put my reservations about chiropractic aside with her demeanour -- she explained to me that sometimes people get headaches from tight muscles and joints in their neck and even the muscles that control the jaw. She found that I had a lot of tight muscles and stiff joints in my neck and jaw, and that this could be the reason why I was experiencing headaches. I was initially terrified about having my neck 'adjusted', but Dr. Sarah explained everything she was doing and why and made me feel very comfortable before and after my first adjustments. I have been seeing Dr. Sarah once per week for the last 5 weeks and I can't be more excited about every appointment because I have NO MORE HEADACHES! I cannot thank Dr. Sarah enough for what she has done for me!

    thumb Taron Carruthers

    review rating 5  Great service

    thumb Alik Shmulevitch
  • review rating 5  Dr. Sarah Stock and her associates helped me recently recover from a back injury. She has made me feel better and for that I am eternally grateful. She and her staff helped me feel comfortable and explained the entire healing process along the way. They’re so friendly they remember your name and greet you when you come in. That may not be a huge thing but it makes a world of difference. Thank you so much!

    thumb Daniel Marcus

    review rating 5  When I met Dr. Sarah Stock a few years ago I was experiencing chronic shoulder and arm pain and could hardly dress myself in the mornings. I had visited numerous practitioners - traditional and holistic - yet no one could articulate the issue. It appeared that surgery and/or medication were my only options, and... I wasn't okay with this. After a few sessions with Sarah I understood that my issues stemmed from life long, gradual yet consistent stress on my upper body. I was encouraged that she addressed the "root of the issue" and I was optimistic that I could heal using natural healing approaches. It's been 3 years since that very difficult time in my life and I am completed healed and much more aware of how I treat my body. I'm very grateful that I crossed paths with Sarah - she is an extraordinary practitioner. Best, Claudia Adair

    thumb Transform Perform

    review rating 5  When I need treatment for pain I go to Sarah for help. She is extremely thorough and caring. I trust her with my clients and I refer all of my personal training clients to her when they experience any shoulder, neck, back or knee pain. They always feel better after their first treatment which allows them to continue on their fitness journey!

    thumb Markus Rosenberg
  • review rating 5  I saw Dr. Eden Amber a few weeks ago and had an amazing experience. In the past I have always been overwhelmed when approaching naturopathic medicine as I felt I didn't understand what was being prescribed and walked away with too many supplements and pills that I didn't understand and didn't end up using. Eden took the time to get to the root of my issues and was selective in her recommendation ensuring that I fully understand the impact of what she was suggesting and keeping it simple to implement. I finally feel like I can take control of my health issues in a way that makes sense to my lifestyle and appreciate the time and energy Eden took to make sure I had a plan that worked for me. I will definitely continue to see Dr. Amber and recommend her to my friends and family.

    thumb Micayla Jacobs

    review rating 5  Been working with Dr Stock after I got into a MVA. She is amazing. Listens and addresses the issues you have. Have had adjustments, massage and acupuncture. She is a great doctor and she has a very nice facility too.

    thumb Raj Seth

    review rating 5  I recently received a massage and chiropractic treatment, and I will never go somewhere else again! The massage therapist made me feel very comfortable, relaxed, and not to mention was the best massage I have received that actually relieved the soreness in my neck and shoulders from working at a computer all day. I was then seen by Dr. Stock which I immediately realized was life changing. I will continue to see her on a regular basis for chiropractic treatment for my neck and shoulder flare ups. Not only does she make me feel completely safe and confident in her adjustments, but she also does incredible soft tissue work and acupuncture. OVERALL WHAT A FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE! So happy to come across such a personable, welcoming, and top notch professional health centre! I cannot wait to recommend this clinic to all my friends and family.

    thumb Meghan Jamieson

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